Sunday, July 10, 2016


  The International Literacy Association conference is in Boston this year, something that made us squeal with excitement last year. There's just something fun about playing host to thousands upon thousands of book lovers. 

We arrived yesterday mid-morning and, after locating the rooms for our various sessions and checking out the technology set up (2 years running of last-minute tech disasters makes a CRL a little twitchy...) we hit the exhibit floor. After reuniting with a lifelong friend, meeting a woman with whom we've exchanged dozens of emails, and meeting Snuffy, Mary sighed to Erin, "I love it here."

More than once yesterday we found ourselves explaining: during the rest of the year, we're excited. We're giddy and wound up and overwhelming. But we're always a little bit off. When the world around you doesn't respond to life with the same level of enthusiasm, you sorta feel like there's something wrong with you. But then we get here. These are our peeps. This is our tribe. And everything slides into place and we feel like we belong. 

Tricking out the badge in true CRL style. 

Have you met Snuffy!? She's got a great story to tell!

Ruta Sepetys. Play it cool. Stay calm. 

Dan Buyea!! Hmmmm...what's that box?! And Tad Hills! 

Bein' classy with Renee Ahdieh

Sigh. We love it here. 

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  1. This is a great effort. More such conferences should be held. Thank you for reporting this and updating us. Much appreciated.