Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Finest Hours

Inside the box: the title for Year 5.
Every year we find ourselves singing the same old tune - time is positively flying by. But seriously, how is it June? This year seems to be marching to an allegro all its own. We could spend an entire post telling you how many sticky notes fill our respective desks, how many times we'd send each other a quick text that says simply, "That's a blog post!" or how often BLOG! appears on weekend to-do lists.

So now it's the end of June, and it has somehow been way too long since we've posted an update. So we'll take our first step. And instead of listing all of the blog-worthy events of the last few months, we're going to start with one.

Stealing moments to read.
It's fitting that our title for Year 5 was The Finest Hours; we couldn't think of a better tag if we tried.

Even though we had settled in to our CRL-groove and felt pretty awesome about our fifth iteration, this year will perhaps be remembered for its extraordinary firsts.
  • This was the first time we let the students pick the title.
  • This was the first time we held a Barnes and Noble book fair, helping us fund our field trip.
  • This was the first time Mary was at the helm as a CRL 2.0, having accepted the position of Assistant Principal (!!!!) in December, the very week All In! 2016 was launched.
  • This was the first time our new Principal experienced All In!
  • The book that spread like wildfire.
  • This was the first time we cracked 300 student readers, resulting in our biggest turnout EVER.
  • This was the first time the author of the book contacted us and insisted on a visit, which led to the planning of a massive assembly in celebration of both the book and its real-life heroes. 

We hope you forgive us for our hiatus. We promise - we haven't gone anywhere! We are here to offer you the same kind of crazy we always have, to share our insights, thrills, and failures, and document our literary shenanigans. And we invite you to stick with us as we delve a little deeper into All In! Year 5: The Finest Hours.  Stay tuned...lots more CRL to come!
Our Literary Leader revealed the book live on the morning news.